VW Golf GTD v BMW 120d v Skoda Octavia vRS: DRAG RACE 

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Who's ready for a hot hatch drag race?! We've got the new VW Golf GTD going up against the Octavia vRS \u0026 the BMW 120d!

Now we know what you're thinking... And yes, you're right, they're all diesels. But wait! Just because they're diesel doesn't mean this won't make for an interesting drag race. Just check out how evenly matched these three competitors are...

First up we've got Mat in the GTD. It's powered by a 2-litre turbocharged diesel, which can produce 200hp \u0026 400Nm. As for the Octavia vRS? Well, it's also powered by a 2-litre turbocharged diesel, and just like the GTD, it can put down 200hp \u0026 400Nm!

And last up we have the BMW. It's also powered by a 2-litre turbocharged diesel, and while it matches the others on producing 400Nm of torque, it's oh-so slightly down on power, at 190hp.

So there's no denying they're pretty evenly matched, especially when you consider they're all FWD, they all weigh around 1,500kg, and they all cost around £32,000! But can you guess which will come out on top? You'll have to keep watching to find out!

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25 maj 2021



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carwow 24 dagar sedan
Should we film another diesel drag race? If so, share your dream line-up below!
Puiu Sebi
Puiu Sebi 4 dagar sedan
@265justy I think ,,eat" is an overstatement, but I do agree with you. It would win😄
265justy 4 dagar sedan
New Holland vs John Deere vs Massey Ferguson..
265justy 4 dagar sedan
@Puiu Sebi Mazda 6 would eat them all.
265justy 4 dagar sedan
@aaron FD RX7 would obliterate them.... An all Mazda lineup.... Bring in an MPS..
265justy 4 dagar sedan
Mazda 6, Passat, Mondeo.
Yahya Hany
Yahya Hany 3 dagar sedan
Kia stinger gt2 please!!!
Matt Hammond
Matt Hammond 5 dagar sedan
I have the VRS The reaction times for the Skoda driver are dog shit. On purpose?
Lucian Claudiu Stefan
Lucian Claudiu Stefan 5 dagar sedan
Love the diesel drag race haha ! NICE
koneser wędlin
koneser wędlin 5 dagar sedan
three , two , one -this time its best part.
Doreen Campervan
Doreen Campervan 6 dagar sedan
Remember when you revved a diesel and black smoke was the result? Modern diesels are great.
jake Stevens
jake Stevens 7 dagar sedan
As a design I think the BMW is an absolute dog’s dinner.
Fly with TB500 (TB500)
Volkswagen does deliver
Precious Njamela
Precious Njamela 8 dagar sedan
its fine outside
Dreka Channel
Dreka Channel 10 dagar sedan
is it just me or do some of you think what the world has come like started with horses as vehicles and now we have basicly boxes with nice engines and wheels its just amazing
Dreka Channel
Dreka Channel 10 dagar sedan
i just saw a yellow GTD same time i was like 0-0 IS THAT HIM
Bionic Rusty
Bionic Rusty 10 dagar sedan
So it turns out that a Skoda is a more ‘Ultimate Driving Machine’ than a BMW. Who’d a thunk it?
SKILLEDYT 11 dagar sedan
This is RS not vRS. Its just an emblem
Keith Cunningham
Keith Cunningham 11 dagar sedan
Keep these diesel drag races going. Preferably at short piers until they’re all gone so people with diesels won’t keep telling us why lower fuel costs have anything to do with driving cars. I’m pretty sure my local will serve me urine for free but I’ll stick to the beer.
James Bradley
James Bradley 11 dagar sedan
Are you sure the golf got that for the economy 😏
Marko Blažić
Marko Blažić 11 dagar sedan
190hp vs 200hp? 🧐🤮🤮
Ronald Raygun
Ronald Raygun 11 dagar sedan
All tragic poser cars. Buy a petrol. Cheapskates. Who spends 40k on a car to save a few pennies on fuel. Clowns
pascal 11 dagar sedan
incridible how much it´s triggering me if someone calls it vRS instead of RS how its actual name is xd
J Lo
J Lo 12 dagar sedan
These cars are expensive! A golf for 32Gs??? 32!!! A golf? Wow!
E - MEKS ANlKPE 12 dagar sedan
POOR from the BMW. Shocking. 32k to be embarrassed like this? No thanks.
Žluna Zelená
Žluna Zelená 12 dagar sedan
VW boss: watches the rolling race next day in work: who programmed the ECU in škoda octavia?!?? Someone: me. VW Boss: " YOU ARE FIRED"!!!!!!
SydneyPhotography2019 12 dagar sedan
Oooh Skoda
Diego Brown
Diego Brown 12 dagar sedan
Bmw does not have 190hp but less… I have the 190hp and tested . it has got 182hp in best conditions and many owner that tested their same car say the same
Shithappenswhenu 13 dagar sedan
last years drag race the vrs did quarter mile in 14.3 So the sedan/limo version would of won this. Last year you had it versus a gti..,why always against skoda?
אליאור אזולאי
Drag race to Renault Clio 5!!
raymond valdez
raymond valdez 14 dagar sedan
The wonderful saxophone atypically fancy because olive happily wail forenenst a striped llama. synonymous, lovely russia
SlickR 14 dagar sedan
Skoda looks the best though, that BMW 1 is a terrible car overall, looks bad, drives bad, performs bad and has the worst economy.
Jack Lappin
Jack Lappin 14 dagar sedan
More like this please 👍 Would be good to see a A250d - C250d - 328i - GTD
Pablo Sancho
Pablo Sancho 14 dagar sedan
I need a Lotus in this channel!!
YFS3 King
YFS3 King 14 dagar sedan
How you putting a 120d against the cars should’ve just used a regular Skoda octavia and a normal vw tdi
Maurits 11 dagar sedan
Fuck off They have the same weight, horsepower and price… you can’t have it more fair
Krrizz Krozz
Krrizz Krozz 14 dagar sedan
VW ❤️
Abdel Dk
Abdel Dk 15 dagar sedan
Where is de class A
samuel wh
samuel wh 15 dagar sedan
The VW and the Škoda engines sound like a petrol engine, the bmw does sounds like a diesel 😅😅
Ferris Gopaul
Ferris Gopaul 15 dagar sedan
It's how you said you're actually winning something 😄🤣 Victory times 2 🤣🤣🤣
Emre Yildiz
Emre Yildiz 15 dagar sedan
Quality of bmw is going way down since its fw drive... how sad
Joshua Newton-Key
Joshua Newton-Key 16 dagar sedan
I wish we were so spoiled for choice in the US
Mark Woolman
Mark Woolman 16 dagar sedan
I'd like to see a full review on the Golf GTD. Looks impressive.
ClAudiu Todor
ClAudiu Todor 16 dagar sedan
Rigged against the Skoda. Did you not find a estate version in UK?
qopoy dnon
qopoy dnon 16 dagar sedan
I love how Matt tries to act surprised in the race when he already knows he's in the fastest car
senpai toast
senpai toast 17 dagar sedan
And the 1 series is still hideous!
NACHO 17 dagar sedan
Not the same equipament bmw is basic and not the sport model like golf or skoda
Daniil_spb 17 dagar sedan
Ваг сила, бмв магила)
Gid Nild
Gid Nild 17 dagar sedan
Or where there were diesel ⛽ hot hatches n estate hot hatches
DJ LEONIDA 17 dagar sedan
Matt is cheating
MTB MATT85 18 dagar sedan
These diesels will depreciate like stones. People rave about fuel economy but always forget about the facts: service is more regular, diesel particulate filter replenish is expensive and mandatory, when you floor it they actually aren’t economical, they sound rough, handle like bags of shit due to the weight of the engine, and the resale value of diesels is getting worse. Diesel tax is set to come in in the next 12 months. I wouldn’t touch a diesel hot hatch, it’s false economy.
Scott Jacob
Scott Jacob 18 dagar sedan
Bmw diesels are crap!! Hahaha VW rules! TDI BABY
AlDin 18 dagar sedan
Skodaaa ❤️
Smescharius 18 dagar sedan
Stratos p
Stratos p 18 dagar sedan
Skoda what a shitty brand
dcoog anml
dcoog anml 18 dagar sedan
“Did I have him? Course I had him! I SMASHED him!” I like that guy! Lmao
Oskar Jaworski
Oskar Jaworski 19 dagar sedan
Emocje jak na rybach...
Richard Oide
Richard Oide 19 dagar sedan
I own a mk3 Octavia vrs manual 169kw fwd
dcoog anml
dcoog anml 18 dagar sedan
Where’s the 180d
Al Polad
Al Polad 19 dagar sedan
Fastest: Golf Slowest: BMW Best looking: Skoda Best sounding: BMW Worst Economy even tho it didn't even win anything: BMW
Vlvd 19 dagar sedan
BMW F40 is the baddest BMW ever, FWD, bad transmission, my 120d F21 with the same Motor, but DPF off and AGR off runs very good
Martin S.
Martin S. 19 dagar sedan
Lol Golf gtd and skoda vrs vs normal 120d. Funny but normal 2,0l skoda and golf 110kw and bmw 140kw. Bullshit drag race.
Ciprian Ion
Ciprian Ion 19 dagar sedan
The driver in the Skoda he wears a mask alone in his car.....🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️
Bouazza zerigat Mohamed ilies
Ga3 les algériens rahom hna 😂😂
Emre Ayar
Emre Ayar 19 dagar sedan
The 120d has also a Launch Control function. Every BMW with the Gearshiftpaddles has Launch control. 😁
MAD MATT 19 dagar sedan
Fwd 120d bmw for those who cant drive
MAD MATT 19 dagar sedan
Fwd that's not a proper bmw
Kamal Junior
Kamal Junior 19 dagar sedan
race q7 v12 tdi
PEdro Caratas
PEdro Caratas 19 dagar sedan
why u run in wet road ......
christopher mietton
christopher mietton 19 dagar sedan
Amazing how gay people can buy those cars it looks shit ! The engine is diesel ! And they will loose money so quick
C GG 19 dagar sedan
Gtd Stage 1 safe
Ferdin Askerov
Ferdin Askerov 19 dagar sedan
Mat please drive Mercedes for the next competition
Rushika 19 dagar sedan
A drag race without Yianni is like a chicken pie without chicken 🤪
Kashisvr 19 dagar sedan
Where’s the 180d
Krzychu 1592
Krzychu 1592 19 dagar sedan
Problem is that vw gives extra hp to his cars and bmw not, probably vw cars have around 225 hp and bmw maybe 195
Renato Henrique
Renato Henrique 20 dagar sedan
VAG rules
jorge san martin
jorge san martin 20 dagar sedan
yes i love volkswagen golf gtd💓💓😥😥😥
Gaming Norwegian
Gaming Norwegian 20 dagar sedan
That BMW is very slow... Like what the heck...
Marko Polo
Marko Polo 20 dagar sedan
That Bmw diesel sounded like a bag of nails when revving compared to the VW engines on external shots!
Tghy Ffhy
Tghy Ffhy 20 dagar sedan
On paper I would have had the bmw. No launch control messed it
dripz _x1
dripz _x1 20 dagar sedan
My dad has that exact Skoda and if you put it in sport mode it sounds way better. Idk why they didn’t do that
Maciej Pniewski
Maciej Pniewski 20 dagar sedan
carwow, it is not Octavia "vRS" it is Octavia "RS". There is no such model as "vRS" [facepalm]
superofca 20 dagar sedan
I wonder if the 4x4 Octavia would be faster than Golf
Mr_mustache 20 dagar sedan
BMW fan (aka me): Noooooo your Skoda cant win from a BMW This video: haha Skoda goes brrrrrr
Tom Forrest
Tom Forrest 20 dagar sedan
those prices are insane £33k for a diesel golf!? ffs
Can Ateş
Can Ateş 20 dagar sedan
Hey Matt 2.0 TDi 240 ps passat vs other d class car race pls
IlCrash1993 20 dagar sedan
Can you do a "GTI vs GTD vs GTE"?
Andy 20 dagar sedan
2 hatchbacks vs a combi...yea nah,seems legit when it comes to carwow🤔😅
David Mc Donnell
David Mc Donnell 20 dagar sedan
Them fwd BMWs are sad a real let down
Tube You
Tube You 20 dagar sedan
Hi Mat I have Audi A3 TDi 2.0 230BHP Can I come for drag race? 🙂
speedypetey999 20 dagar sedan
...thats assuming the vw trip computer isn't lying, vw wouldn't lie would they 👀
vasilisad 21 dag sedan
BMW M5 CS please
powergic 21 dag sedan
Me loves diesel...
José Pelaio
José Pelaio 21 dag sedan
That 120d might be the ugliest bmw of 2021
Polico Paul
Polico Paul 21 dag sedan
i would love to se some cars under 100HP
Stuart Carson
Stuart Carson 21 dag sedan
Amazed to say, I would buy the Skoda.
Polico Paul
Polico Paul 21 dag sedan
hot hatches?those are kombi.like a big truck
Diesel Orava
Diesel Orava 21 dag sedan
You allways know the results.. just look what car Matt's drive..
M 21 dag sedan
"Racemodels" against a normal 120d.
Jörg Schuster
Jörg Schuster 21 dag sedan
BMW Lachnummer, tja, mit Heckantrieb wäre das nicht passiert. Looser. BMW laughing stock, well, that wouldn't have happened with rear-wheel drive. UGLY Car!
thesleeper90 21 dag sedan
Comment for the Octavia driver: Cars have cabin filters!
kurttug 21 dag sedan
Matt I'm sorry but you make these drag races boring by always sitting in the quickest car.
nyombi sidney
nyombi sidney 21 dag sedan
Volkswagen Golf GTD, thumbs up
Pezz 21 dag sedan
Can you please drag race a BMW 335d touring against an M340d touring 👍
Liam Curran
Liam Curran 21 dag sedan
who else realised that this was filmed on the 25th of March😩
Mark Chadbourne
Mark Chadbourne 21 dag sedan
Golf GTD with DSG box is a solid motor.
baka baki
baka baki 21 dag sedan
Driver bmw is problème hor this bmw was not 190hp
see you soon
visningar 3,9mn
see you soon
visningar 3,9mn
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